The challenge in Coffee business

Some of Coffee Washing Stations employees sustain a lot of injuries during coffee season working hard while conducting their duty of processing the coffee cherries to the parchment and expecting a high income after but few of those Coffee Washing Stations are able to get the sustainable market of their green coffee beans which give the high return profit to the farmers. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Text and Image

Solution Provided by Afro Coffee Traders

Afro Coffee Traders came as a solution to the problems which are in coffee business where we used ICT as tools to improve the life standards of the coffee farmer buy providing sustainable market deals to the CWS for be able to provide high return profit to the farmers. Afro Coffee Traders facilitates the government policy of mobilizing and teaching Rwandan how to drink coffee, where we put a strategy which facilitates local shop, supermarket owners and institutions to get coffee at affordable price with some coffee makers to the company willing to partner with us. 

Improving Life Standards through Education 

We believe education is the key for future development and financial transformation, not only for the farmers in the fields and the workers in the coffee washing stations, but also for their children. That’s why we invest 30% on net income by impacting our beloved farmers in the day care (nursery) preschools which serve as a place where farmers leave their kids while they are harvesting or doing other routine work at Coffee Washing Station.

Odoo • Text and Image

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