About us

Our History
  • Akagera Coffee Project Ltd (ACP) was established as a Social Private Enterprise with its head office located at KG 176, st - Rwanda.
  • The company built the Akagera Coffee Washing Station at Akagera Road, Kayonza District in the Eastern Province with a loan from an American Foreign Company.
  • The Coffee Washing Station was constructed to process the harvest of Rusave Farmer’s Coffee Cooperative (RFCC) members and other local coffee farmers.

ACP Ltd began full operations as Akagera Coffee Project Ltd.

The company committed to investing 30% of its net income into cooperatives to support the community, including field farm schools and providing farming inputs like coffee and shade tree seedlings.


Began establishing Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers to operate as preschools for children aged 3 to 5 years. These centers also run programs for mothers to combat malnutrition.

Initiated the "Cow for Coffee Farmer" project, starting with 5 cows to support local farmers.

Opened a women’s center offering tailoring classes for young women.


Mr. Egide Murindababisha, the founder of Akagera Coffee Project Ltd, continues to lead the company, which now owns both Akagera Washing Station and Mukama Coffee Washing Station.

ACP is recognized for its innovative approach to the coffee industry in Rwanda and East Africa, driving social enterprise and community development.

Our Vision

We are committed to invest enough in coffee production, ACP Ltd is a coffee tourism and research center (like On Farm Treatment Trials and Biochar) for a wealthy world by building capacity among farmers so that they can promote coffee growing as a profitable business.

Constantly, ACP has also an effective, practical and fun way to make a positive impact on people, widening our circle of impact broadly along the way.

Join us in our journey to produce world-class coffee 

Our Mission

Our mission is to brand Rwanda as a regional leader in coffee, emphasizing principles of quality and traceability. We also aim to promote farmers' practices to a professional agribusiness level, ensuring they achieve higher standards and greater success.

Our Value

Passion for quality coffee and dedication to improving farmers' lives are at the heart of everything we do.

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Parent Company​

  • Area
  • Country
  • Number of Farmers
  • Variety
  • Varietal
  • Number of Coffee Trees
  • Processing Method                                                                       
  • Soil Condition
  • Scale
  • Elevation
  • Capacity (KG)
  • Cupping Scores Range

Testing notes




  • North Eastern - Mukama
  • Rwanda
  • 1,109
  • Arabica
  • Bourbon
  • 467,870
  • Specialty Anaerobic (fermented in 74 hours without Oxygen), Full Washed, Natural Dry and Honey.
  •  Fertile Plantation
  • 187Ha
  • 1540m - 1920m
  • 5 containers ready for export
  • Cup 85% to 89%

The cup is aromatic, of high citric acidity combined with fresh tropical fruits flavors in the body. Very lean long lingering dark chocolate, fruit aftertaste.




  • Eastern - Kayonza
  • Rwanda
  • 616
  • Arabica
  • Bourbon Number of Coffee
  • 317,982
  • Specialty Anaerobic (fermented in 74 hours without Oxygen), Full Washed, Natural Dry and Honey.
  •  Fertile Plantation
  • 127Ha
  • 1430m - 1750m
  • 3 containers ready for export
  • Cup 84% to 87%

The cup is very clean, good aroma and sweet acidity, tropical fruits in lingering after taste.

Why Choose Akagera Coffee?

Customer-Centered Approach

We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide an exceptional coffee experience.

Community Impact

We reinvest 30% of our net income back into the community, ensuring our farmers benefit directly from our success.

Transparency & Traceability

We track and share our impact, highlighting the stories of our farmers and their contributions.

Lasting Experiences for Customers & Farmer

Because our success is to have an everlasting experience among our customers and farmers.