About us

Drink it for the best of the farmer

Due to the corrective of the high ranked Coffee Cup of Excellency we have a new brand called “Sawa Coffee” meaning “The Tasty Coffee”. We get all the best coffee (100% Arabica) from all coffee washing stations and we package it in our branded coffee bags for local and international market. We do pack packaging for coffee roasted beans an also for grinded coffee.

Our Team
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Afro Coffee Trader’s mission is to exceed our customer's need through our Sawa Coffee brand as well as empower Coffee Washing Station (CWS) by selling their production. We work with Coffee Washing Station (CWS) management to improve their market opportunities and community support, and with farmers to improve the education in the community.

Improving Life Standards through Education

We believe education is the key for future development and financial transformation, not only for the farmers in the fields and the workers in the coffee washing stations, but also for their children. That’s why we invest 30% on net income by impacting our beloved farmers in the day care (nursery) preschools which serve as a place where farmers leave their kids while they are harvesting or doing other routine work at Coffee Washing Station.

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