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Drink it for the best of the farmer

Akagera Coffee project Ltd (ACP) is a Private Company located on akagera road, in Kayonza District in Eastern Province of Rwanda. The Washing station was built in 2016 in partnership with Kula Project, Inc. and Rusave Farmer’s Coffee Cooperative (RFCC) and started to be fully operated as Akagera Coffee Project since 2017.

ACP is on a small scale but has tremendously impacted the local communities through youth and women employments, contribution to farmer’s income and community involvement through social and economic project initiated such as teaching agro-business, tailoring, weaving, pond fish farming and pre - school for our farmer’s children.

ACP owns and manage attached Coffee Washing Station known as Akagera Coffee Washing Station where it was established to produce a quality coffee, to improve the working conditions and advance life standards of farmers by improve the welfare of their communities; After set up, ACP is current managing other two more Coffee Washing Station located in Northern (Gakenke) and Western (Nyamasheke) Provinces with aim of promoting coffee production and increase socioeconomic of coffee farmers within those areas zone and across the country.


  • Because Akagera Coffee is a customer satisfaction centered.

  • Because our success is to have an everlasting experience among our customers and farmers.

  • Because we track impact among our farmers and share the success stories on our platforms.

  • And because we invest 30% of our net income back to our farmers.


  • Roasted Beans

  • Specialty Full Washed Green Beans in all screen size for Export.

  • Honey Fresh Coffee Beans.

  • Natural Processed Coffee Beans.

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Being committed to invest enough in coffee production, ACP is coffee tourism and research center for a wealth world by building capacity among farmers so that they can promote coffee growing as profitable business. Constantly, ACP is also innovate an effective, practical and fun way to make a positive impact on people, widening our circle of impact broadly along the way.


akagera coffeer’s mission is Blanding Rwanda as regional coffee with the principles of quality and traceability and Promote farmers practice to move on agribusiness level.

With the value

Passionate with quality of coffee and farmer of quality.

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Improving Life Standards through Education

We believe education is the key for future development and financial transformation, not only for the farmers in the fields and the workers in the coffee washing stations, but also for their children. That’s why we invest 30% on net income by impacting our beloved farmers in the day care (nursery) preschools which serve as a place where farmers leave their kids while they are harvesting or doing other routine work at Coffee Washing Station.